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 The Last Stand 2 Guide

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PostSubject: The Last Stand 2 Guide   Wed Jul 23, 2008 11:23 am

The game starts you off as a survivor of a helicopter crash, during a time when hordes of zombies are a common thing to see. Listening to the radio, you hear that the last aircraft and boats will be leaving Union City in a matter of 40 days. Knowing that this is your one and only chance to reach freedom, you grab your gun and start walking.

Movement: A,S,D,W
Aim: Mouse
Shoot: Left Mouse Button
Reload: "R"
Switch Weapons: Spacebar

You start off in the small town of Glendale, fending off zombies in the tool store. After you finish your first wave of zombies, you are able to search the down for supplies and survivors. Start off by searching the Sheriff's Office, Church, Park Storage, and the building with the gun symbol on it.

- .357 Revolver
- Chainsaw

You can pretty much keep the chainsaw the whole game. It's great for when zombies get a little to close or bunched up together. On Day 4, you should be ready to move to your next town.

Whistler's Grove:
Moving onto Whistler's Grove, you barricade yourself in the basement of a house. Search the stores and the abandoned houses for supplies.

- Compound Bow
- Shotgun

A new weapon, the compound bow is introduced on this level. It has virtually no reload time and does substancial damage, making it a faily decent weapon. You also find the shotgun, but is better off being in the hands with one of the survivors in your posse.

You now find yourself inside a church, using the pews as protection. In Claysburg, you have the Police Department, Gun Shop, and Gas Station to choose from for goodies.

- Uzi
- Ump 45

Searching the town, you will eventually find the Uzi. It's rapid fire rate makes it a deadly weapon. Equip it and head to the next town.

Out of breath, and in the middle of nowhere, you set up defenses in the barn of a farm town. Searching the Diner, Gas Station, and Sheriff's Office, you find more deadly weapons waiting to be fired at the heads of charging zombies.

- Sawn-off Shotgun
- Hunting Rifle

The Sawn-off Shotgun, even though being sawn-off, is still better in the hands of one of your survivors. The hunting rifle on the hand, is a one-shot kill weapon when pointed at the brain. Equip whatever you feel is necessary, and head off to the next city.

Reaching Jonestown is a sign that Union City is not far away. Jonestown is a bit larger city, meaning more building to search. Grab your supplies from the Security Company, Police Station, and the local stores and get ready.

- M4A1
- Hand Grenades
- Ak-47

Hands Grenades are deadly to any zombie near them, but you cannot also depend on their accuracy. The M4A1 & Ak-47 are accurate, but with a slow reload time, the Uzi would still be the better choice. Moving on ...

Fort Tran:
Your last stop, Fort Tran. It has been overrun by zombies, but you manage to put together a wall of sandbags and prepare for the night.

- M249 Minime

Here you get the fabled M249 Minime. Think of it as a big Uzi, with 200 bullets. Just equip it, mow down the last zombies in your way and head to Union City.

- Keep an eye on your barricade health. Don't move ahead with your barricade almost destroyed.
- Watch out for weapon zombies. If you don't kill them fast enough, they'll kill your survivor posse.
- Don't switch weapons with low ammo. Try to keep your weapon fully loaded if its in the offhand slot.
- The Chainsaw is your friend. You get it on the first level, and can keep it to the last. Utilize it.

This was by a guy named King in another forum
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The Last Stand 2 Guide
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